Let me Help YOU... Attract Customors, Self Publish, Get Noticed & More!

The publishing industry has changed dramatically over the past few years. The advent of print-on-demand technology and on-line distribution has has made self publishing easier and more profitable then ever before! In fact, all the information you need to publish and distribute your book is available for free on the internet. But the information available can be contradictory and confusing. And you might not have the technical, graphic, or marketing skills to do it on your own.

That's where I come in. I will talk to you about your book and goals. Then I will help you navigate the process so you you make decisions that are right for you. Here are some of the services I can provide, depending on your goals and needs.

  • Coaching - I will help you evaluate your book idea, create a process for researching and writing your book, and help you stick to it until your book is written
  • Layout - I will format your edited manuscript and submit the files to the printer
  • Cover design; the most important tool in selling your book - I can create a cover that works or work with your designer to make sure your cover sells
  • Marketing and Publicity - including website, back cover copy, bios, keywords, and more. I will advise you based on your needs and your goals for your book
  • And most importantly, I can help you navigate the self-publishing process, ensuring you make the decisions that will work for you

If you have a book or an idea for a book, give me a call at 540 984-4718 or e-mail me at jeanner@shentel.net.

Below are books by some of my clients:




I also have 2 books of my own for sale on Amazon: